Microsoft, IBM make cloud gains against Amazon

Sharon Gaudin

"Interestingly, Google has been comparatively quiet in building out its cloud platform, Google App Engine in particular," Shimmin said. "However, with the company's recent efforts to make Google Apps for Business, and the Android and Chrome operating systems truly enterprise capable, I expect we will see greater use of that platform as a means of driving the Google partner ecosystem forward toward better enterprise capabilities and greater specificity of the software itself."

All of this movement in the cloud industry means more choice for enterprises looking to move their data and operations to the cloud.

"Already, we're seeing some cooperation with unlikely partners such as SAP and Microsoft," said Shimmin. "Other players, such as and Google, are also absolutely building their cloud platforms with an eye toward openness, meaning an application built to run on Amazon's platform can, with minimal effort, run on or some other platform. That of course frees enterprise IT from vendor lock-in at the infrastructure level."

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