Moving to the third platform of IT

Nurdianah Md Nur

Should CIOs or CMOs drive the shift from the second to the third platform of IT?
What we see is an emerging wave of CMOs who are focused on constructing new digital business models. They want to use IT but not necessarily own or run it — building their own IT function is not their top priority.

These CMOs are passionate about engaging their customers, partners and employees alike. They want the organisation to be present on social networks and conversations to happen on all kind of devices, especially mobile. Having the notion of a 'single platform' on which they can manage and monetise the content is essential to them.

In this new digital environment, CIOs and CMOs need to work together to create the best IT infrastructure that is able to drive business growth. The biggest challenge for both sides is to have a clear understanding of the difference between using IT to save money and using IT to make money.

Are enterprises in South East Asia shifting towards the third platform or are they still taking the wait-and-see approach?
The accelerating transition in IT means that our higher growth markets are poised to grow faster than we expected a year ago and move at a quicker pace in their shift towards the third platform. If we zoom into South East Asia, we see upward growth in markets like Singapore and Malaysia and great potential for innovation in emerging markets like Vietnam and Myanmar.

More mature markets will embrace these solutions fast, while the emerging markets will need more time. In some cases, emerging markets can move to the third platform straight away as they don't have much of legacy infrastructure. We will see early adopters who are looking for new ways to use IT. These businesses are our ambassadors.

With the exponential growth of digital information, most enterprises in the emerging markets are beginning to explore the power and value inherent in the vast quantities of data being generated in today's world. In fact, the emerging markets have a much faster growth rate and will comprise 60 percent of the digital universe by 2020.

Ultimately, the growth of the digital universe means there is an ever increasing pool of valuable data to analyse, which will give rise to new opportunities for organisations to better understand customers, improve overall customer experience, and develop new revenue streams. To take full advantage, IT departments may need to hit the restart button on how they think about storing data when it comes to data lakes and hybrid cloud models.

What are the challenges that enterprises should expect when moving into the third platform?
With a positive growth outlook, Asian businesses will continue to invest in building resilient infrastructures with analyst firms like Gartner forecasting IT spends for the region to reach US$767 billion in 2014, a 5.5 percent increase from 2013. As investments continue, EMC expects continuing momentum in three main areas: IT transformation, big data and trusted IT.

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