Only 8 percent of companies can track shadow IT

Maria Korolov

"That's probably the result of things like the Target situation, Reavis said. "We're very glad that this is something executives around the world are paying attention to -- we think it will help close the gap on some of the problems we were talking about."

Large companies are further ahead.

Companies with more than 5,000 employees are more likely to have a cloud governance committee, at 35 percent versus 12 percent, have a policy on acceptable cloud usage, at 61 versus 45 percent, and have a security awareness training program, at 26 versus 20 percent, compared to companies with fewer than 5,000 employees.

The Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities Survey Report includes responses from more than 200 IT and security professionals around the world, and was sponsored by Skyhigh Networks.

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