Private cloud makes way for hybrid cloud: CIO research

Ishan Bhattacharya

More than 60 percent of the Indian CIOs feel that moving to public cloud increases agility and 59.2 percent of the CIOs feel that cost of ownership is reduced by moving to public cloud. The 2014 CIO Mid-Year Review revealed that 56.7 percent of Indian CIOs say infrastructure costs are reduced to a great extent when using public cloud and 41.4 percent feel that on shifting to public cloud, they can derive advantages of latest technology.

Deployment of workload to public cloud can be sighted as another reason as to why there is an upsurge in use of hybrid cloud.

As much as 40 percent of Indian CIOs have deployed or planning to deploy 'collaboration' on public cloud, 49 percent of CIOs have shifted or planning to shift 'mail and messaging' to public cloud and 37 percent have deployed or planning to deploy 'externally-facing web apps' to public cloud.

With all the benefits associated with the public cloud and CIOs voting for it, whether private cloud would gain traction in the coming days is yet to be seen. But for now hybrid cloud seems the way to go ahead and keep up with the trend.

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