Public Cloud benefits can no longer be ignored: Bulletproof

Patrick Budmar

If you are business and not on the public Cloud, then you may be at a competitive disadvantage.

Bulletproof chief customer officer, Mark Randall, said the economics advantages of multi-tenant public Clouds are "overwhelming" for most use cases and should not be ignored.

"The flexibility the Cloud provides, such as immediately available, scalable up/down, no contracts, and self-service, enhances business agility," he said.

Randall characterises this as a case where IT becomes an "enabler instead of a barrier to innovation," clarifiying that private Clouds can not deliver this.

He attributes this to the presence of legacy applications, particularly in the back office, that do not work well in the public Cloud.

"Often the constraint is application licensing models, but if applications can't scale horizontally, support auto-scaling or self-healing, a hybrid approach may be required," he said.

At the same time, Randall is quick to point out the hybrid method should not automatically be viewed as a be all and end all solution.

"It's part of a migration strategy to public Cloud over time, as applications are re-engineered," he said.

The customer vote
With a positive outlook on the public Cloud, Randall said this leads to opportunities for the channel.

"If resellers are looking to position themselves for success, they should take a look at the growth rates of public Cloud providers versus traditional IT companies spruiking private Cloud as the way forward," he said.

If the industry momentum is not encouraging in itself, Randall points to how customers are "voting with their feet."