Review: 3 services for managing all your cloud storage accounts

Preston Gralla

The interface is straightforward: A list of all your cloud services appears on the left side of the screen. Click on one and you'll see its folder and file structure in the main part of the screen. From there you can browse through the folders and manage files.

You can also view files, although in a somewhat kludgy way. Click a file to view it and you'll see the message "Document viewing is reserved for Members" -- members being the term Jolicloud uses for subscribers. However, at the bottom of the message is a link that reads "Open in OneDrive," or whatever cloud service you're currently browsing. What happens next depends on the service and the file you're trying to view. For example, in OneDrive, Microsoft Office files open in the online version of Office. In Dropbox, you will find yourself in Dropbox itself and in the folder where the file is.

The exception to this is Google Drive. Click a file, and it opens automatically in the Google document viewer, without first getting the "Document viewing is reserved for Members" screen.

However, Jolicloud does an excellent job allowing you to search through all of your cloud services simultaneously. Simply type your search term into the box at the top of the screen and it quickly finds all the relevant files, listed with the name, size, author (if that information is available in the file itself), and the service on which the file is found.

Another nice feature of Jolicloud is that it shows you at a glance how much storage you've used in each of your cloud accounts, and how much is still available.

Apps and for-pay versions

Unlike some of the other services here, Jolicloud has no mobile apps for accessing cloud services. At one point it had an app called Jolicloud Me for iOS and Android devices, but that is no longer available.

The paid version lets you view files directly, and also lets you copy and transfer files and folders between cloud services. The rate is in euros: €5/mo., which translates to about $5.30/mo.

Bottom line

The free version of Jolicloud is a somewhat barebones, basic tool for browsing through your cloud storage and performing simple tasks like deleting and renaming files. In only one way does it excel: At searching for files across all of your cloud storage.



Like the other cloud-management services reviewed here, MultCloud treats your cloud services like they're one large hard disk. It works with 26 cloud providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and SugarSync.

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