Singapore companies will become cloud-first within the next two years: ServiceNow

Nayela Deeba

More than half of the organisations in Singapore will become cloud-first by 2019, according to a survey by ServiceNow.

Out of the 225 Singaporean senior managers surveyed — across IT, DevOps and Line-of Business (LOB) — 44 percent said they were hosting new apps and services on cloud platforms instead of their own infrastructure. This figure is expected to reach 59 percent in the next two years.

The survey also found that moving to a cloud-first model requires new IT skill sets. Eighty-five percent of the respondents admitted that their current IT employees lacked skill sets to help their companies make a complete shift to the cloud.

While IT seems to be in danger of becoming obsolete or marginalised in this new model, 71 percent of the respondents believe that the shift to the cloud has raised IT's relevancy to the business.

ServiceNow provided the following steps IT leaders can take to ensure that cloud enables IT organisations to become strategic partners to the enterprise by shifting from being a builder of computer infrastructure to a broker of cloud services.

  1. Identify and clearly describe what "service" means to your organization, and how this aligns to key business initiatives at an enterprise level
  2. Focus on the key performance indicators and communicate progress against them to the larger organisation
  3. Identify any inefficiencies and hold each other accountable for the service dependencies between their teams
  4. Streamline the IT organisation to align more towards more revenue-driving initiatives that are important to LOBs to regain the trusted partnership with the business and provide higher satisfaction overall
  5. Focus innovation and top-line revenue generation instead of trying to be a system builder and operations centre

"Cloud computing has been around since the late 90s and is finally about to reach its tipping point here in Singapore. At this point, both opportunities and dangers arise - enterprises must ensure that they are paying attention and not let themselves be lulled into inaction," said Jimmy Fitzgerald, Vice-President and General Manager of ServiceNow Asia Pacific and Japan.