Smarter analytics in Malaysian clouds: IBM preview


IBM Malaysia  - Paul Moung modified 

Photo - Paul Moung, Managing Director, IBM Malaysia


Technology solutions giant IBM has previewed its cloud computing platform capabilities to Malaysian partners, clients, entrepreneurs and tertiary institutions.

During the event themed 'Driven by Ecosystem Development,' IBM Malaysia managing director Paul Moung said IBM SoftLayer's benefit to Malaysian organisations is an industry first: "marrying the security, privacy and reliability of private clouds with the economy and speed of a public cloud."

"SoftLayer gives users full control over the physical infrastructure and the flexibility of pay-per-use facility to manage costs efficiently," said Moung. "It is suitable for users who need high performance computing as it offers 100 percent network availability and high I/O capability compared to other platforms."

"Bottom line, SoftLayer provides the ability to mix and match public and private workloads delivering unparalleled performance, security, and control," he said.

"Our acquisition of SoftLayer allows IBM to accelerate and advance our leadership position in scaling-out our SmartCloud Services portfolio, higher value services and solutions across mobile enterprise, Big Data and analytics, social business and many other areas across IBM," Moung said.

 IBM ramps up cloud services

"This was further accentuated during IBM's PULSE event, where we highlighted how IBM is making SoftLayer the foundation of its cloud portfolio, with new additional cloud services on SoftLayer and the recent acquisition of Cloudant running on the Softlayer platform, as will IBM's middleware portfolio, such as WebSphere, through pre-defined software "patterns" to easily extend existing applications to the cloud," he said.

"IBM will also continue to invest in and expand services running on SoftLayer and integrate Power Systems into our SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to deliver a level and breadth of infrastructure services beyond what has traditionally been available over the cloud," said Moung.

He said IBM acquired the cloud computing infrastructure company, SoftLayer Technologies Inc. last year, which allows clients to buy enterprise-class cloud services on dedicated or shared servers, offering clients a choice of where to deploy their applications.

Moung said that by building out a cloud with IBM and SoftLayer, a customer can choose the work that belongs on a dedicated or a shared computing resource -thereby tailoring the privacy, data security and overall computing performance to the client's needs.

"Importantly, this level of reliability and scale is critical for cloud-centric companies," he said. "IBM continues to build on its cloud capabilities with recent announcements about an additional US$1.2 billion investment to boost its cloud services and expand its global footprint with 15 new data centres bringing the total to 40 data centres across five continents."

At the same time, IBM Malaysia also introduced Smarter Analytics kit leveraging cloud computing for the manufacturing, financial services, and plantation industries. 

The kit, which is powered by IBM Cognos Express, is available on the cloud platform and allows users to track and project consumption patterns and so help manage costs more effectively.