VMware, Nvidia revolutionising secure cloud desktop

Rob Enderle

Rethinking What a Client Looks Like
With the Nvidia-VMware alliance, we're seeing the birth of something amazing. This is one of two shoes that will drop this year. The other? This kind of cloud performance should make us rethink what a client looks like.

If you can scale smartphone performance to that of a high-end workstation, you might want to think more about configuration (and device accessories) to better embrace a performance level they haven't been able to approach before.

There will come a time when you do all of your computing from a mobile device. I'm willing to bet that device won't look like an iPhone or any other kind of phone now on the market. I expect that Gelsinger and Nvidia's charismatic Jen-Hsun Huang have some ideas - and that key partners HP and Dell will likely contribute.

We're at the beginning of one of the most massive changes in the history of the personal computer: The decoupling of performance from the device. This will result in some incredible things that few, even inside VMware and Nvidia, can imagine.

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