2C2P launches initiatives boosting Southeast Asia's e-commerce, m-commerce

Ike Suarez

Singapore's 2C2P (Cash and Card Payment Processor) has launched two separate initiatives to boost the spread of e-commerce and m-commerce in Southeast Asia, with Thailand and Myanmar as the focus of these distinct efforts. Separate press statements by this payments solutions provider identified the initiatives as the launch of the easyBills payment service in Thailand and the launch of the iAccept mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) service in Myanmar.

The Thailand initiative consists of a partnership with Master Card and enables the latter's card holders in that country to pay their light, water, mobile and other bills via their credit cards without having to pre-register their cards with the issuing banks. They can do this from any computer or smart phone at any time and anywhere. Master Card holders can avail of this service by visiting the service's website or by downloading the easyBills application directly onto their IOS or Android devices.

2C2P's Myanmar initiative has been referred to as that country's very first mPOS solution. The initiative is in partnership with Myanmar Citizens Bank, partially owned by that country's Ministry of Commerce. iAccept transforms iOS and Android smart phones into mobile points of sale systems through the attachment to the smart phones of small card readers that can read magnetic stripe cards and EMV chip cards. iAccept enables merchants to use the POS in front of their customers instead of taking the cards away from them. The press statement said one early adopter and also a partner in the initiative is the Myanmar Hotels International Group, owner of the Inya Lake Hotel and The Strand Hotel in the country.