Akamai enhances the user experience for Bangkok Bank's customers

Nurdianah Md Nur

Bangkok Bank has selected Akamai Technologies to enhance the overall user experience for its customers worldwide.

Bangkok Bank is a commercial bank in Thailand, with a network of 27 overseas branches in 13 countries. To support its expansion plan, the bank implemented Akamai's Web Performance Solutions to better manage the delivery of content to its growing base of customers while ensuring a quality user experience.

The solution also provided security layered above quality performance, said Ian Guy Gillard, executive vice president of Bangkok Bank. Since it enables the bank to identify excessive traffic demands on its origin server and ensure that its website was handling only legitimate requests from customers, it blocks out unwanted traffic and lowers the risk of a cyberattack.

"By implementing Akamai's solutions, we are able to provide customers with seamless and secure access to our banking services wherever they are," said Gillard.