Envision a better connected world

William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer

Huawei will become an enabler for digital logistics systems and build a better connected world

With the increase in traffic, content, and applications, as well as the development of mobile Internet, the volume of data will grow at a speed that is beyond our imagination. The era of massive data traffic is drawing near. There will be a pipe with a diameter even wider than the Pacific Ocean, more real-time Big Data platforms, and a larger number of things that are connected. How can such a massive volume of data be transmitted, processed, stored, and presented? With this purpose in mind, Huawei builds highly efficient connected digital logistics systems in collaboration with customers and partners.

We believe that future digital logistics require more pipes that are bigger and faster to support the ever-growing massive amount of traffic. This is a strategic opportunity for Huawei. We are committed to becoming an enabler for digital logistics. We will increase investment in IT technologies represented by cloud computing and virtualization. On this basis, we will restructure traditional CT and IT networks, comprehensively improve their efficiency, and structurally reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Through these measures, future networks will not only be able to cope with the challenges from digital floods, but also create new value for us. Our vision is to build a better connected world.

The world will ultimately become closely connected and globalization will enter a new era driven by ICT convergence. Today, the full connectivity with global competitiveness we see today is the result of collaboration between the ecological chain and the industry chain characterized by technological and industry convergence. Huawei looks forward to working closely with partners from the industry and the academia to build a win-win industry chain.

That concludes my speech today. We have envisioned a better connected world, which helps us see the future more clearly. Next, we will share with you how Huawei operates stably, focuses on strategy, invests in the future, and achieves connectivity between people, people and things, and things and things. In addition, we have invited industry experts and partners to share and discuss how we can work together to increase connectivity. Connectivity is critical in today's world. I hope we will forget the existence of connectivity as it will become a natural part of our life just like air and water. Thank you very much for your attention. My thanks also go to our interpreters, as they have helped establish "connectivity" between us.


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