Huawei racked up US$39.46B in sales revenue last year

FY Teng

Huawei's executives said that in 2014 they will be watching closely the proliferation of ultra-broadband and mobile broadband services, and the mass adoption of smart devices worldwide, and will be looking for opportunities these trends throw up. "2014 marks a new beginning, not only for Huawei, but for the entire industry," said Xu. "A connected world has unlocked opportunities beyond our imagination. While continuing to pursue a more focused strategy and a leaner management style in 2014, we will work to expedite steady growth to lay a solid foundation for the company's development of the next 10 years, especially to pursue a leading position in the enterprise business."

* All CNY to US$ conversions here are based on the exchange rate of US$1 = CNY6.0569, as used by the Huawei financial report referenced.

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