In-sourcing reaps 40% efficiency increase and slashes costs by 27%, Takaful Malaysia says


Carlos Lacerda, Microsoft Malaysia Managing Director (2) modified 

Photo - Carlos Lacerda, MD, Microsoft Malaysia

 IT helps drive the company forward

Microsoft Malaysia managing director Carlos Lacerda said Takaful Malaysia's choice of solution was a reflection of the credibility Microsoft has with enterprises.  "We are committed to helping companies get the most out of their IT investments to improve efficiencies, which ultimately leads to helping them grow their business. As one of the largest and most established insurance service providers in Malaysia, Takaful Malaysia's choice of implementing Microsoft System Center has cemented its status as a forward-thinking and technology-leading company."

 "IT no longer plays a peripheral role in an organisation's business," added Takaful Malaysia's Wong. "In fact, it is a key enabler in driving a company forward. To do this successfully, we need better automation, visibility and control. CIOs want all systems information at their fingertips so they can see the entire health of IT services, wherever they are."

"Our decision to implement System Center has clearly made a difference. Now we can expand IT to help Takaful Malaysia to differentiate itself in the marketplace," he said. "We are building Portals to enable corporate customers to manage their own insurance policies themselves, and working on integrating core applications with hospitals. My team and I can be much bolder and ambitious now, because we are far more confident in our IT infrastructure management and have control over SLAs performance. This has increased our ability to support our business plans tremendously. At the end of the day, that is what matters most."

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Takaful Malaysia, which provides general, life, and health insurance to more than one million customers, operates through 31 branch offices nationwide.

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