NCR introduces 24x7 branch banking in Southeast Asia

Anuradha Shukla

NCR has introduced 24x7 branch banking in Southeast Asia helping banks to expand their footprint in the region.

The consumer transaction technologies provider has launched a new ATM-based technology NCR APTRA Interactive Teller. The interactive video technology enables customers to complete over 95 percent of branch transactions at the ATM with the help of a live remote teller.

This technology simplifies banking transactions for customers that now have access to a live remote teller even after the usual operating branch hours are over.

Banks in Southeast Asia can leverage NCR APTRA Interactive Teller to provide their customers with after-hours full teller services even in areas that are not served by their branches.

“NCR APTRA Interactive Teller is a solution to the challenges around expansion and provision of banking services to the unbanked populations in rural areas, helping banks to augment their branch footprint, deliver teller services to under-served areas and provide their branch promises,” said Stelios Fragkos, vice president global sales, Financial Services, NCR Corporation.

Transforming branch location

NCR has transformed bank locations into more effective service and sales environment offering services including bill pay, loan initiations and even opening new accounts. 

Secure transactions are now possible without using a traditional ATM card with remote tellers providing customers with access to their cash. 

NCR claims its interactive video technology can result in a 33 percent reduction in transaction time and 40 percent savings for the cost-per-transaction when compared to a regular branch teller transaction.

Noting 80 percent of product sales to close at the branch, NCR emphasises the importance of financial institutions to offer a world class customer experience. This launch will help financial institutions in Southeast Asia to accomplish several goals such as customer retention, sales enablement and improving customer satisfaction.

“At NCR, we understand that rethinking a bank’s retail network strategy may seem like a massive step, which is why our solutions let banks adopt an incremental approach that increases branch efficiency, improves the customer experience and maximises the profitability of the branch network,” said Bob Tramontano, vice president and general manager, NCR Corporation.