The need for Business Rules Management: Progress Software

Nurdianah Md Nur

Dr Mark Allen of Progress Software
Dr. Mark Allen, chief technology officer of Decision Management at Progress Software

Initially developed for the healthcare industry, Progress Corticon is a Business Rules Management (BRM) solution from Progress Software that enables the automation of business rules. By automating business rules, enterprises can quickly gather new insights into the connections between individual recurring decisions and business performance as well as accelerate the decision making process. Dr. Mark Allen, chief technology officer of Decision Management at Progress Software, further explains the need for enterprises to adopt BRM.

What is Business Rules Management (BRM)?
BRM  is the process of administering and automating business logic to help in better decision making. For many businesses today, recurring decisions are made in every department of the enterprise at a frequency and volume that significantly impact business results. Many organisations have decision-intensive business processes involving complex logic that must be applied at a high transaction rate. In other words, they are challenged with both getting the logic right and processing the logic fast enough to meet the required transaction output. With BRM, enterprises can benefit from increased organisational agility and responsiveness.

BRM systems are the software technology that can help business users define, deploy, execute, monitor and maintain the variety and complexity of decision logic used by operational systems within the organisation or enterprise. The ultimate goal of BRM is to accelerate business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives and improve decision management and dynamic case management efforts.

What business value does automation and management of business rules bring to organisations of all verticals?
The overarching benefit of automating business rules is the speed at which it allows business decisions to be made - with complex business logic defined in the BRM systems, decision making process can be streamlined. Internally, this helps to cut both time and resources that might otherwise be required in the process, in turn helping to reduce costs. Automating business rules also means that businesses are able to deliver customer services more responsively. This is particularly useful for healthcare providers being able to administer care to patients at a faster rate as well as provide quicker claim settlements for insurance companies.

For one of our customers, Tokio Marine Fire Insurance Company, the adoption of Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System has helped the company automate 401K business support systems to provide better customer service, accommodate future growth and improve security and customer information management. As a result, the customer was able to benefit with 20 percent increase in staff productivity, reduced user training workloads, simpler management of a 400,000-step process for business users, improved overall system performance and increased accuracy in information sharing and historical records.

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