Competition in Asia at 'bleeding speed’: iContro interview


For most manufacturers in Asia, the implementation of initiatives for enterprise collaboration, based on internal social networks, has failed to achieve the desired results.  This would be quite a challenge even for the Western enterprises. 

Our primary focus now is to educate and position our clients especially those with regional or international presence towards cloud computing.  In fact we have successfully implemented full-fledged iContro ERP systems on a Cloud Computing platform, with the largest installation involving a Tier-1client spanning hundreds of branches across multiple countries.

ERP is the only way forward.  ERP business is culture-based. An ERP system is the core for any business IT ecosystem and business automation is the only way forward against competition.  Just like how manufacturing companies continuously search and replace their machineries to achieve optimum production cost and quality, the same goes to ERP system.  Therefore, business leaders should look for an ERP solution that truly meets and understands their business culture and business expectations.  It has to be a continuous journey until the right one is found.

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