Emarsys launches intelligent recommendation engine

Ike Suarez

Cloud marketing services provider Emarsys has launched Emarsys Predict, an intelligent recommendation engine that enables online merchants to enhance customer engagement capabilities through email and Web recommendations.

According to a media fact sheet put out by the Vienna, Austria-based vendor, Emarsys Predict does this by way of leveraging online behavioural data captured and analysed by its machine-learned algorithms. It also says the new engine-a snippet of code incorporated onto any Web site-is for bundling with the Emarsys e-marketing Suite, its algorithms using data from integrated widgets to link the following.
* Website browsing behaviour
* Purchase behaviour-including the documentation of instances of abandoned purchases
* E-mail engagement behaviour
* Items recorded by attribute in the client's database

Data obtained-peculiar and exclusive to each Emarsys online merchant client-will then make it easy for such clients to send automated e-mail targeting and better handle retargeting programmes.

The fact sheet promises that use of Emarsys Predict by clients would result in the following.
* Higher click-through rates in e-mail campaigns and on Web sites
* Higher conversion rates and associated revenues
* Higher customer satisfaction rates
* Advanced segmentation to enable more granular marketing campaigns

The fact sheet also claims that Emarsys now has more than 1,000 clients in more than 120 countries, among them eBay and Volvo.