HCL’s new mantra: Relationship beyond the contract

Zafar Anjum

In May, the company announced its partnership with LinkedIn to launch an application aimed at encouraging users to go above and beyond the scope of their existing contracts.

The application, which will be available globally in English, German and French, will highlight the changing nature of business engagements as part of the first stage of a global campaign aimed at encouraging more employees and businesses to build a 'Relationship Beyond the Contract', said Chatterjee.

The web-based application, which is accessible via LinkedIn's APIs and InMail feature, is aimed at encouraging users to go the extra mile by allowing them to log in and acknowledge professional relationships that they feel have gone beyond the contract. Users can access the app to add a personalized note of appreciation to their contacts which the recipient can then view, download and print.

According to Chatterjee, HCL Tech is launching the new campaign with a view to underlining its belief that social tools such as LinkedIn will form the basis of the next stage of B2B engagement across the global industry.

"At HCL, the way we do business is premised on deeply rooted principles of trust and transparency, flexibility, and value centricity," he said. "The Relationship Beyond the Contract digital campaign is an outcome of behaviours and the Employees First, Customer Second business model we believe in, developed from the work HCL has done to seek a deeper understanding and foster clearer, more open dialogue among technology companies, vendors and partners globally."


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