ICT industry comments on Malaysia Budget 2016


CS Tan_Country Manager_Autodesk Malaysia 

CS Tan (pic), Autodesk Malaysia's country manager, welcomed the proposals to continue improving Malaysia's infrastructure in the Budget. "We urge the government to further promote a new way of working through the adoption of next generation technology such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create a more effective and resilient infrastructure. There is crucial need to bring in new and advanced systems to support the expected population growth."

"[In addition}, we are pleased with the government's MOSTI allocation to make Malaysia a competitive technology hub in the region. Innovators and entrepreneurs alike have to stay ahead of the trends by understanding how innovation supports businesses in meeting their goals through the use of 'big data', analytics, measurement and outcomes," said Tan.


Nick Lim - CA Technologies 

Nick Lim (pic), CA Technologies' vice president for Asia South, said he was impressed with the government's holistic approach to technology infrastructure development especially with provisions for the SME (small and medium enterprise) transformation fund, the allocation towards rural broadband projects to quadruple Internet speeds with the National Fibre Backbone Infrastructure, the cyber city initiatives, and the complete digitalisation of Malaysia's national broadcasting platforms.

"As businesses look to thrive in what we now know as the application economy, where every business is considered a software business regardless of the services or products they offer, competitive differentiation for businesses will depend on customer-pleasing technology such as intuitive and user-friendly apps as well as advanced development methods," said Lim. "As 2016 becomes Malaysia's Commercialisation Year, Malaysian businesses will be encouraged to innovate, and bring new local products and innovation to the market, thanks to the various incentives, tax breaks, funding and creation of youth entrepreneurship programmes via Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad, MaGIC."


Paul Choy - Allied Telesis Malaysia 

Paul Choy (pic), country sales manager of Allied Telesis Malaysia, said “It’s good to see the Government’s commitment in increasing the Internet speed from 5 Mbps to 20Mbps. High Internet access speed is essential to enhance the connectivity infrastructure in Malaysia and will help spur the country towards building Smart Cities.  Add to that the announcement to develop the Cyber City Centre in Cyberjaya over a period of 5 years is certainly a step in the right direction.

“Our country will be at the start of a revolution if Smart Cities emerge. Cities that enable people to communicate at fast speeds on wireless and wire line networks are well positioned to attract the best and brightest business investments," said Choy. "The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities are synonymous, and represent key aspects of any city revitalization process.”

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