MasterCard releases latest online shopping survey results

Ike Suarez

MasterCard has released the results of its latest Online Shopping Survey and among its findings is that two-thirds of Asia-Pacific consumers go online to shop. A press statement by the New York-based provider of payments solutions said the survey took place between November and December 2013 across 25 markets, 14 of them in the Asia Pacific. In the Asia-Pacific, respondents numbered 7,010 who were questioned on their online shopping habits.

The press statement said that according to the survey, almost 100 percent of respondents in China had made at least one online purchase in the past three months. South Koreans and Australians followed the Chinese in top rankings with percentages of 97 percent and 90 percent, respectively.

According to the survey, 87 percent of Indian respondents had shopped online in the past three months. The statement also said the survey and its accompanying reports did not represent MasterCard's financial performance.