Singapore-based Latize accredited by IDA

Nurdianah Md Nur

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore has just added local startup Latize to its expanding list of accredited organisations under its Accreditation@IDA programme.

The accreditation provides confidence to potential government and large enterprise buyers on the company's core capabilities and ability to deliver. It also enables the local start-up to be considered first by government agencies when seeking related solutions.

According to press statement, Latize Ulysses 2.0, is a linked data platform that automatically connects data around related entities such as persons, companies and events across multiple systems; and proactively draws connections and/or correlations for the user. The connected data can be accessed within the corporate environment with a browser to facilitate quick and informed decision making.

"Ulysses is a next generation alternative to traditional business intelligence and analytics solutions which allows government agencies and large enterprises to make informed decisions," said Vikram Mengi, Latize's co-founder and chief operating officer. He added that the solution connects unconnected data residing in silos by infusing intelligence into the data itself, instead of at an application or system level.  This allows the data to do the work, enabling zero-click analysis and seamless machine-to-machine communication.

"Innovative data and semantic analytics products like Latize's Ulysses can help provide insights that were not possible before, enabling organisations to have a huge competitive advantage," said Edwin low, director of Accreditation @IDA.

Others on the accreditation list include local setup KAI Square for video analytics, and Amazon Web Services as a strategic industry partner.

More information about the accreditation program is available here.