Vserv.mobi, Nokia Now monetisation partners in Vietnam

Ike Suarez

Vserv.mobi is now a prime monetisation partner in Vietnam for Nokia by way of its Windows Phone 8 software developer kit (SDK), enabling developers in that country to make profits on their apps.

A press statement by the Mumbai-based mobile advertising exchange claimed over 150 WP 8 software developers in Vietnam are now generating an average of  US$3-5  per e-CPM or effective cost per thousand impressions and an average  10 percent CTR or click through rates from their apps.

This is the result of their use of Vserv.mobi's WP8 SDK, which allows developers and multi-app publishers to integrate into their apps over 10 mobile ad formats. It also enables premium screen launches, exit ads, global hybrid mediations and analytics. WP8 SDK saw development only last Q4 2013.