Banesh Prabhu on where he wants to take the Siam Commercial Bank next

T.C. Seow

What would you like to be known for?
I've been told that I've always kept a strong eye on future strategies but I broke up those future strategies into realistic execution elements that could be done in the short term, so that we could make progress against the strategy, even though the future strategy tends to, over a period of time, keep getting upgraded and modified. The execution actually means that something gets done every year. Building the strategy is one part; execution of the strategy and staying relevant in every financial year is more important.

The second part is to be known to get good business results-improving customer experience so that we have improving revenue on the one hand and the second, is to get simplification, standardization and automation of processes and the execution of technology so that we can actually make success out of automating the customer experience towards what the customer wants in the future.

What brought you to Bangkok and Asia?
I've done a lot of entrepreneurial investments in my life but I found that I'm probably better off as an investor and advisor to them and prefer to be challenged by something that is more operational. I think Siam Commercial Bank is at the stage where my experience will provide different opportunities for their next stage of growth. It's a great country, lots of opportunities, the people are hardworking and sincere, and I think it's a large country which has lots of opportunities in Thailand and in this region. Obviously I would like to participate in that journey which is different and exciting from my past roles which were broader based and covered many countries cross regionally rather than a large one in a single country.

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