Bangkok Bank's Executive VP Ian Guy Gillard on his continual delivery of high-impact initiatives

FY Teng

Ian Guy Gillard Executive Vice President Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd

Ian Guy Gillard
Executive Vice President
Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd

Ian Guy Gillard's time at work is invariably spent on driving some of the most ambitious projects in the region. Among them the deployment and rollout of the Bualuang mBanking mobile banking facility, the implementation of multiple business continuity and disaster recovery measures, and the execution of the far-reaching enterprise architecture initiative he is starting this year. We had the privilege of interviewing him upon his being named as one of Asia's top banking information executives by IDC Financial Insights.

What are your business and ICT priorities for the next couple of years?
We are maintaining our focus on all segments of the Thai economy, from consumers through to SMEs and to high-end corporate entities. We are unstinting in our efforts to roll out innovative products and services to serve the Thai market. At the same time, we have ongoing initiatives to further expand our domestic branch network in Thailand. As of Q4 2013, we had 1,157 branches and 240 business centers distributed across the country.

As the only Thai bank with a major international branch network, we are also focused on how we can best serve customer segments across multiple geographies. We now have 26 branches and one representative office in 13 economies and many years of experience in operating in these various countries. As of Q4 2013 16 percent of our lending was in these international markets.

Naturally, our IT priorities match our business priorities. As such, we are running quite a number of major programmes concurrently. Domestically we continue to deploy new products and services for all customer segments.

In 2013, we implemented the first phases of a new mobile banking strategy for consumers, Bualuang mBanking, which offers a secure and scalable platform to provide customers with  the anytime, anywhere experience they want on the devices that they choose to use. This service meets or exceeds customer expectations in terms of ease of use, performance and security. Initial market and customer reaction to this product has been exceptional.

We continue to focus on enhancing other customer channels and are making major investments across the board. We are making significant investments in risk and compliance to meet the rapidly developing regulations in the various markets that we serve. We continue to invest in developing our staff, in providing them with the training and the tools they require to work together in a more productive and collaborative manner, making full use of emerging technologies.

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