Bangkok Bank's Executive VP Ian Guy Gillard on his continual delivery of high-impact initiatives

FY Teng

For an exemplar of great leadership, I would point to our President, Khun Chartsiri, who is inspirational in his incredible attention to detail, his ability to grasp a huge range of subjects and his work ethic. While being very demanding, he is also very supportive and willing to encourage people to strive and try new things even if they may fail.

What would you like to be known for?
I would like to be known as somebody who built the team, somebody who always understood that in a bank IT is a service-I always tell my staff to remember four words, "We are a bank"-and as somebody who delivered.

I would also like to be known as somebody who helped the business in their understanding of IT and its potential in banking. I always say to our President that if a vendor or our staff cannot explain something to a non-technical person, it is because they do not understand it themselves. Even highly technical things like cache coherence on a chip should be something you can explain with a pen and a whiteboard. Hopefully, I am that person who can explain it, and hopefully my staff can too after working with me.

Finally, I would like to be known as somebody who is fair and ethical. I treat vendors and other people fairly and I am direct and honest with them.

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