Banking on cloud

Zafar Anjum

We had a good quarter all around. We had our own share of wins as well. We were not good at announcing some of the wins that we had. We had two wins in ASEAN that we haven't been able to talk about publicly. And they are all absolutely transformational events. One is in the airline industry and another in discrete manufacturing industry. They are not run of the mill transactions.

That's the overall context in which we are talking. Now, I will talk about China and Japan. Both have been focus countries here (in Asia Pacific). In Japan, we announced a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp--a TCS majority-owned joint venture focusing on designing and delivering solutions for the Japanese market. So, we started off with some engagements with them; more importantly, alongside with them, in the market. We are pretty bullish. That will significantly boost our local capability, either in terms of understanding the market, in terms of relationships, and in terms of actually designing solutions. Things are different in each market. The way you work a deal, you spot and operate an opportunity; each one is different in each market. That is Japan.

On China, there is no structural change. We continue with our joint venture with the Chinese. More recently, we opened a centre in Dalian to cater to Japanese businesses and we have two banks already using that delivery centre. So, with the focus in Japan, and focus on China, Dalian as a bridge is the right thing for us to do.

Last quarter, in Singapore, we set up a laboratory, a centre of excellence, inside Singapore Management University. We call it the iCity Lab-i stands for intelligent cities. That is generating lot of interest, initially in China and then we will take it to the rest of the world. There are two solutions that have caught people's attention. One is on healthcare, the other is on education. The healthcare solution involves first of all managing the entire solution of residents in a city; alongside with that, the solution provides a personalised page for individuals-health records, measurements, blood pressure, etc. The system generates early warning alerts (based on trends). So, the citizen can seek help proactively or the doctor can advise him.

The other solution that is gathering momentum is education. There are various forms of this. The solution that we have put on the table is on uniform content administration on the cloud.

So, there are many built-to-suit-all kinds of solutions. That is an area that is receiving a lot of attention.

On the third front in China is the banking product, TCS Banks. The more recent one we have done there is again based on a cloud environment for the village bank. I don't know if you are aware of our initiative in India. We have a company called C-Edge, a joint venture with the State Bank of India. What we have done in this company is that this company provides TCS Banks, the core banking product, on a cloud model to small cooperative banks and credit unions on a pay by use basis.

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