Banking on cloud

Zafar Anjum

So, because of this, the same technology that powers State Bank of India is suddenly available to a small cooperative credit union in, let us say, Maharashtra--this bank could not have afforded an IT department. We have close to 3200 branches running on our cloud based environment in India.

When the entire cloud discussion unfolded, our first objective as a service company was to say, what can we do with the emerging cloud trend? To us, unless there is a fee paying customer, who uses this in a mission-critical production environment, we don't have a proof point. So we went about creating TCS Banks on a cloud as a first offering.  

The second is we started a small and medium initiative in India. We picked five industries and if you look at SMB customers, the IT requirements can be significantly standard-you need a payroll, you need a CRM, you need a billing data, a backend system, pretty much the same. We offer the entire solution on cloud. We have about 200-220 customers. We are looking to scale this up further.

You don't have too many examples to talk of like these two cloud examples in India--commercially leveraged clouds.  We are also capable of executing it for other people. I don't need to run the cloud. You can run the cloud and I can provide that to you. That's what we have done in this China example.

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