Banking reengineered: Perspectives from Ajay Kapoor, EVP at HDFC Bank

FY Teng

Providing infrastructure for that forever where it will be underutilized during the nonpeak periods, is not cost efficient. So via a private Cloud, we put together a pool of resources that can be consumed by these applications on the basis of their need.

What are you doing in the area of security right now?
Our heaviest security focus in the last few years has moved from information security in our brick-and-mortar branches, to our other channels, such as the Internet, and most recently to the mobile banking platform.

But because security is highly critical component of our entire network, we ensure all fronts are covered. There are two parts to our strategy. One is to make sure that our networks are secure and customer transactions are insulated from phishing, hacking and other kinds of attacks. And the other is the education of customers, so they are security aware and do not do things like pass their credentials on to the wrong people and end up compromising their own security.

We continually enhance our security systems. In October last year, we completed our core banking transformation project, where we migrated from our older core banking system to the Flexcube core banking system.

We have a separate core banking system for our corporate or wholesale clients and we are currently in the process of migrating that to the new platform. We keep looking at what we need to revamp, upgrade-sometimes it's because of technology, sometimes it's because of business volumes, because we are still a fast growing bank so our volumes are surging. So at any given point you have at least a few large applications that are in this process.

What would you say are the key attributes every technology leader must have?
He or she must fully appreciate that technology is there to enable the business and to add value to the business, and to do so at a reasonable cost and quickly enough to the advantage of the business. That's a huge challenge, I know. But if all those are delivered on, then that technology leader has done his or her job.

What would you like to be known for?
I would like to be known as a Business Solutionist -in the sense that anything the business or community needs, I can provide it at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe. Something I personally like is the fact that to an extent I am playing that role within my organisation. People come to me with their problems and ask me for the solutions. And even if it's hard, I'm always happy to help.

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