Maybank Group's Chief Risk Officer Dr. John Lee on his plans for the year ahead and beyond

FY Teng

Another element that is critical, particularly in risk management, is talent development. It is a priority because the business is evolving, the market is evolving, and the expectations of the stakeholders are evolving. Given that, the competency level needs to be improved almost continuously. Having a system in place to develop talent to continuously up-skill ourselves is critical.

What would you like to be known for?
The legacy I would like to leave not only with Maybank but also the industry as a whole, is the talent development work I've done. I believe what serves as a nice collective testament to that are the talented people themselves who I have had the privilege of leading at one time or another. Before joining Maybank, I worked in a consulting firm where I ran a team of people. We all moved on, and I came to Maybank. Years passed and one day, one of my proudest moments came when I realised that concurrently four of the CROs of the banks in Malaysia all used to work for me at the consulting firm. So, moving forward, the legacy I would most like to leave the industry is my work in developing talents within the industry, and in inspiring the next generation of risk officers to take Malaysian financial institutions to another level.

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