Simon Pomeroy of Westpac NZ: Inside the digital suite

Divina Paredes

CIO: Is it because there are more young people now using mobile banking?

I don't think it's an age thing at all. You wouldn't probably call us young, but we're actually digitally enabled. We're using multiple devices throughout the day -- tablet, smartphone, desktop computer. And again, I think about our strategy of a device agnostic full Internet banking -- the fact that you can use any device to do your banking at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. And now we're starting to think about Google Glass and wearable technology like smart watches.

With the likes of Google, Apple and Samsung developing wearable technology, it's not going to take long before we're all walking around with a device, whether it's a watch or a pair of glasses that we're going to be consuming on. That's changing the way we have to behave. Success will be really understanding that customer behaviour and delivering services that meet that.

CIO: What does digital mean for Westpac?
Everything has a digital element to it in this day and age. Peter Clare, our CEO, came into the bank two years ago and had the vision to say "I this is where our customers are banking, we need to develop services that meet the demand." And so he challenged us to say in five years' time this is going to be a predominant channel that people are going to be banking on, particularly through the mobile phone.

He challenged us with two things: Firstly, how do you give customers all of their banking online? Everything you can do in a branch today, how can you put that online and seamlessly link to our people when customers need assistance? Secondly, how do you get that onto a device agnostic platform so that you are not developing three or four times? You're developing on one platform, it's a consistent user experience and it gives people full banking on a mobile phone, tablet and a desktop.

That's made my job a lot easier because I have the support of the CEO, and also the support of the leadership team. We need to have a very aligned leadership team with this strategy because you are talking about, essentially, the banking of the future.

Digital is not replacing people; it's about how you make digital and people work very closely together.

You've really got to think about what that looks like from an experience perspective for customers. I think it's that ability to seamlessly connect all your channels for the customer, so that if you do an online [transaction], people [at the bank], and frontline teams know what you have been doing.

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