Simon Pomeroy of Westpac NZ: Inside the digital suite

Divina Paredes

We are working with best in breed organisations globally. Collaborating with people like Samsung has been very exciting. These are big businesses with global footprints that are endorsing what we're doing.

The other thing about it that I think is really crucial is the partners that we work with to build the cornerstones of our strategy are New Zealand based businesses: SilverStripe, which developed a lot of our Web solutions; Alphero, which developed a lot of our mobile solutions;, Affinity ID, which runs our Symphony program.

We want to be the best digital bank globally, but we also want to really help grow New Zealand. Peter Clare is very passionate about us working with really good local partners; that our success helps drive their success. And so it's a great position to be in. We celebrate their success as being best in breed globally, as well.

Our aspiration is to be the best digital bank in New Zealand by the end of the year, and the world by the end of next year. Again, Peter Clare has set the challenge, and we're well on the way to doing that. I can see no reason why we wouldn't be in the top five or 10 digital banks globally by the end of this current year.

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