The business concerns of Bank Danamon's President Director Henry Ho

FY Teng

Mobility for Danamon's customers: We are building a new mobile apps platform for smartphone customers with various and distinct features implemented with latest platforms and technology. It will be available for three major smartphone platforms: Android, iPhone and blackberry. For customers who are not using smartphones, we have launched the new Danamon sms banking, which is protected by advance encryption technology.

Mobility for internal staff: In sales, we are building a mobile prospecting application for micro-banking sales officers. We have also launched mobile collection for our mirco-banking collection team. In future, we plan to create Mobile Money for tapping lower customer segments enabling easy payments, cash in/cash out features, and well distributions utilizing our 1,500 total branches and subsidiaries offices across the country

What emerging ICT trends are you currently watching closely?
In this interconnected world, we are monitoring social media technology, including how the bank can utilize social media for tapping new customers, spreading product news, and also getting customer feedback.  Many of the younger generation have already started using Facebook accounts for the primary communication.  Meanwhile those of the newer generation spend much of their time watching Youtube videos, compared to those of the older generation, who prefer watching TV. We are seeing great changes in customer behaviour, therefore we are currently strategizing on how to utilize social media for our business.

Please talk about the challenges associated with maintaining executive relationships at the bank, and your winning approaches to ensuring such relationships at the organization are healthy and productive, and ultimately for progress to be achieved at the bank.
My style is to create an open environment where people feel comfortable and that ideas are contested in a supportive environment. Everyone regardless of rank is encouraged to share their views and to engage in constructive and healthy debate with the primary aim of finding the best or optimal solution. I put a lot of value on executives who are willing to step up and provide their views and to defend them in front of more senior executives. Young people today are much more informed and have access to more information and new ideas through the internet and as such I believe they would appreciate a more open environment for discussions and debates than to being told what to do by higher authorities.

What would you say are the key attributes every business or technology leader must have?
There are four key attributes that I look for in grooming high potential future leaders.

One: They need to be able to always take a strategic/helicopter view of things and be of that mindset. They need to be aware of what's over the horizon rather than be distracted by the noise of daily activities. Such leaders will be able to see and seize future opportunities that may present themselves down the road.

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