The business concerns of Bank Danamon's President Director Henry Ho

FY Teng

Two:  They must have a bias for action and for being decisive. This calls for clarity and courage of leadership to point out to the team on which direction to go. Not all decisions will be right but if one can get 75 to 80 percent right-you have a leader in the making

Three: He or She is always a team player in action and in spirit. This is increasingly an important quality to possess for the future leader, as business problems and issues are getting more complex and will require the expertise and experience of a team to be most effective in confronting a business issue or opportunity.

Four: Leaders must always have and demonstrate respect for people, the markets and the competition.

What would you like to be known for?
I would like to be known for building a balanced institution with deep respect for the balance between taking business risks and returns from opportunities. In this aspect you want to build an institution that is relevant and sustainable over the long run, and an institution that young people will want to join as their first choice of employment.

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