The CIO Interview with MetLife Asia Pacific’s CIO Gary Teh: Driving innovation in insurance sector

Zafar Anjum

The benefits of MOS:

  • Manage their day-to-day activities more effectively because the system allows information "on-the-go". They can easily get instant access to customer information, product materials, policy data and financial needs analysis etc., and can generate an e-policy immediately to close the sales. Such features could facilitate and shorten the sales / customer service processes.
  • Respond to any unexpected questions from customers immediately and confidently.
  • Enhance productivity because they could manage their diary effectively and could drastically increase their visits to different customers with the Global Positioning System (GPS) capability.
  • Check their performance against their monthly / annual targets.

The customisation with MOS has brought great returns on investment, with a high take-up rate at 90 percent and an increase of 14,000 proposals per month.

However, the star for our MetLife customers is still MULAN. It is in close alignment with our efforts to put the customer at the centre of everything we do; thereby helping us to earn the right to be their first choice.

In listening to the needs and desires of our customers, MULAN was developed to provide a mobile solution that would make it easy for customers to do business with MetLife by providing features tailored to:

  • Increase flexibility: 24x7 channel which is always turned on and available on any mobile device
  • Be simple, fast and easy to use: Comprehensive capabilities that meet insurance service needs of customers - product information, policy inquiry (account value, history, coverage details), personal information inquiry, payment inquiry, claims inquiry, personal information change (address, email, contact) and policy alerts - can all be accessed through MULAN
  • Provide differentiated service: Truly leading edge, MULAN provides capabilities beyond the foundational capabilities. Customers will now have the ability to perform financial endorsements such as policy loan, renewal, fund switching, withdrawal and payment - all at their fingertips.
  • Enhance personalisation: Ability to get a real quote, apply online for products and services, "click to call" should customers require further assistance and personalised notifications to policy updates and alerts.

MULAN was recently launched in Korea on 1 January 2013 and we're planning to roll out this initiative to the rest of our operations in Asia. Since its launch, it has proven to be highly popular with our customers with 50,000+ downloads and 8000 transactions completed every month, which is equivalent to the effort of eight call centre representatives. Transforming MetLife into a customer-centric organisation is a cornerstone of our Enterprise Strategy and MULAN has directly contributed to our Enterprise Strategy. It has helped increased our NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 18 points, and lift our self-service utilisation ratio by 10 percent - we now have 35 percent customers using our self-service capabilities.

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