A year of innovations and disruptions in Mobile Payments: Ovum

Zafar Anjum

• Over the last few years Apple has been putting in place the pieces that in 2014 will see it finally launch a full-fledged, unified mobile payments platform. This will have a positive impact on consumer uptake and use of m-payments, but may have a negative impact on other players hoping to gain market dominance in the space.

• Amazon's big ambitions for mobile, and its reported acquisition of GoPago’s mPOS technology, mean it will finish 2014 with a wider and deeper portfolio of m-payment services.

“A key trend for 2014 will be rationalizationand consolidation in the digital wallets space," said Eden Zoller, principal analyst with Ovum’s Consumer Practice. "There has been an explosion in digital wallet launches over the last two years and this is not sustainable. Consumers will not adopt multiple digital wallets and over the next year or so will consolidate their loyalty and spending intoone or possibly two digital wallet services. The best-positioned digital wallets will be those run by the financial and retail brands that consumers trust and are familiar with, putting players such as PayPal and Visa in a strong position. Wallets of this kind will be able to achieve scale and attract the advertising dollars that are needed to bolster the digital wallet business model.”

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