BitGo and HYPR to offer an integrated blockchain and biometric security solution

Nurdianah Md Nur

HYPR recently announced that it has partnered blockchain security provider BitGo.

HYPR enables enterprises to keep encrypted biometric data decentralised, offline and out of hackers' reach. BitGo, on the other hand, secures over US$1 billion per month in digital assets with over 10,000 transactions on any given day.

The partnership aims to enhance the usability and security across blockchain-centric use cases. Use cases include decentralised identity, streamlined UX through HYPR-Secure biometric login, and the integration of BitGo's multi-signature platform for HYPR customers.

The partnership also hopes to encourage financial institutions to adopt blockchain and biometric security technologies by offering those technologies as an integrated solution rather than a disjointed combination of solutions.

"All of our customers are asking how to use biometric security to protect their digital assets. The HYPR team has been laser focused on this and provides a great solution for us," said Mike Belshe, CEO, BitGo.