Intel gives IT boost to winning Malaysian startups


Tableapp - done

Photo - Tableapp, a real-time online reservation service for restaurants in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the founder of TableApp, runner up of the Level Up Your Business contest also shared similar issues, Chang, said:  "As a business built on the backs of a roving team playing multiple roles, we needed devices that could keep up with - if not stay ahead of - all of us. Responsiveness, mobility and efficiency is definitely the name of the game for us here at Tableapp and I am very happy to have found all of these and more in the 2 in 1 devices we won from the contest. Compiling data used to take 1 minute but now it takes only 10 seconds. Considering we do it over 100 times a day, that's a lot of time saved for us. My team and I also constantly have to work on the go and these great devices allow us to collaborate and communicate with each other no matter where we are."

Intel's Lemon added: "Above and beyond equipping local SMEs with best in class equipment including those powered by our Intel Core processor family, Intel is also committed to helping local SMEs obtain the skills and resources they need to take their business to the next level."
"Our recent efforts include the continuous rollout of two training programs - Intel Learn Easy Steps and Intel Entrepreneurship Basics (E-Basics) - with organisations including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, SME Bank and various owner-operators of community broadband centres throughout Malaysia," he said. "These initiatives underscore our full commitment and Intel will continue to provide opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and mature SMEs owners to acquire ICT skills and tools relevant for day-to-day business operations."

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