McKinsey in Malaysia: What are the keys to capturing real opportunities from artificial intelligence?


Could you talk about McKinsey's partnerships in the wider artificial intelligence, data and computing ecosystem?

We continue to invest in selected partnerships and acquisitions. We recently created a "New Ventures" structure that leads market scouting and partners' selection/ negotiation. Our Analytics division is one of the fastest growing of our Firm, comprising more than 1000 dedicated professionals and an increasing number of partnerships; for journey analytics, for artificial intelligence, and on digital capability building. We have also acquired several leading providers of analytics capabilities including QuantumBlack, Risk Dynamics, PriceMetrix, and AOE.
What's your final takeaway for business and IT leaders in this region?
There are vast opportunities in AI, but the key to capturing it isn't having the best algorithms (though that certainly helps) -- it's understanding how analytics can drive competitive advantage, identifying where it can have the most impact, and building capabilities across the organization to make better decisions with data.
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