The powerful promise of AI

Jennifer O' Brien

"It can start recognising people, reading their emotions. And then we build it into a customer journey," he said, explaining it's like a person sitting in front of a patient, taking a visual image of the patient and then using datasets (the algorithm) to make sense of it.

"The interesting part is people are focusing on the natural language interface part of the chatbot. . . We're looking at the other components that actually add value and we integrate that with multiple scenarios."

He said this same functionality, which is being built for the Watson program, is being extended into analysing the emotion of a person.

"We might be able to build psychometric models, not just with the face, but with so many other actions."

For CIOs like Wenborn, who's tasked with delivering business improvements and helping companies with the journey of digital transformation, this type of technology is very appealing.

"I'm really keen to use this at Starlight. It is not about the individual's psychometrics of the video or picture image, it's more that by using the technology - robotics and AI together - you can bring together that whole profile of the individual's proclivity to do something at a particular time," he said, explaining the technology is ideal to help ascertain donor behaviour.

"Understanding who those donors are and what's happening to them at that point of time, and how could we service them better, is ideal."

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