What the ’intelligence’ part of AI really means today: Malaysia interview


✓ In the case of a product recall, using AI would enable the affected batch to be traced more efficiently.

  • AI is applied in the transportation industry in autonomous vehicles:-

✓ Using the Reka Studios IoT board, sensors, GPS and videocams, the company strives to be able to upgrade all cars into self-driving vehicles.
✓ They have already managed to turn a Proton Waja car into a self-driving vehicle.

  • Another application of AI in Malaysia is the current testing of 'artificial intelligence' for prisons
  • The system is based on artificial intelligence, using "gait analysis" to teach a computer to analyse human motion and behaviour, with the aim of detecting if inmates get into a fight or try to escape by using new video analysis techniques. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 95% of video/image content will never be viewed by humans, but instead will be vetted by machines that can provide some degree of automated analysis.

What sort of resources does Malaysian industry and government need to focus on to make productive headway on AI?

  • One of the key areas that Malaysian industries and the government need to focus on is the talent pool.

o Getting right and sufficient resources to building and developing a machine-learning architecture is a challenge that most organisations will face.
o Identifying data scientists is one part of the story.
o There is also a need for the organisation to have the right mix of people and skills - including data engineering, business analysis and system architecture.
What key takeaways do you have for Malaysian IT and business leaders?

o As organisations transform into digital businesses, analytics becomes a critical enabler. Expanding access to insights from analytics to all workers will be key to driving transformative business impact.
o However, access to analytics content from BI and analytics and data science platforms has mostly been limited to power users, business analytics users and specialist data scientists with varying degrees of analytical and technical skills.
o A Gartner survey showed that only around 32 percent of employees have access to BI and analytics tools.
o Analytics can interpret data to more than diagnostic information, advanced analytics can interpret data to provide key predictive information.

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