CIO Quick Takes: What's your strategic focus?

Dan Muse

Our strategic focus extends beyond the integration of IT systems. As two industry visionaries in media entertainment continue to converge into one company in 2017, it is critically important that IT align tightly with our product engineering teams. They will rely heavily on services provided by IT as they work to harness the power of TiVo’s unified product and innovation portfolios to create the ultimate entertainment experience for consumers across the globe.

Albert Ma, CIO and vice president, Toyota Financial Services
albert ma 
Credit: Toyota Financial Services

In 2017, Toyota Financial Services will relocate to our new North American headquarters in Texas. This is much larger than simply a physical move. Toyota is bringing together its affiliates to improve our ability to work together, enabling us to deliver more value to our customers and dealer partners. By enhancing our collaboration internally, Toyota will provide a seamless, transparent experience that goes beyond multiple touchpoints to create a more cohesive customer-chosen journey.

To support this, we in IT will focus on understanding what outcomes our customers are looking for. Toyota deeply values “genchi genbutsu” which fundamentally means that you must go and actually see a situation yourself to truly understand it. We then need to deliver digital platforms in partnership with our business units that are easily adaptable to the diverse and changing needs of our customers.

Bharat Amin, vice president and CIO, Newport News Shipbuilding
bharat amin headshot 
Credit: Newport News Shipbuilding

Digital Transformation through disruption is underway in our Shipyard with many pilots related to this effort successfully completed in 2016. It is key that this disruption continue in 2017 at even a faster pace. I foresee our company participating in crafting and joining the Digital Ecosystem to generate value for the entire industry. We will disrupt but without defiance, remaining equally focused on protecting and safeguarding our customer’s information. The top Priority being DFARS compliant by the end of 2017 with implementation of Two Factor Authentication and Windows 10. Our transformation journey includes strong focus on Industrial IoT, Augmented Reality (AR) and Modelling/Simulation pilots with each playing key roles in our Integrated Digital Shipbuilding Program(iDS). We will implement HR self-services (myHR) in the Cloud in 2017 for our workforce. Very important to our 2017 goals is a strong focus on IT talent attraction/retention and development. My ultimate goal is to win this game before it starts. We hope to make 2016 jealous of 2017 as the year of “Differentiating Force” for change.

Bill Thirsk, vice president of information technology / CIO, Marist College
bill thirsk headshot 
Credit: Marist College

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