What top Asian CIOs learnt from their digital transformation journey

Nurdianah Md Nur

Meanwhile,  Lee advised finding the right person to champion digital transformation efforts and communicate their benefits. "[Since digital transformation] is a change that requires the collaboration of multiple divisions within the organisation, the project has to be driven by a sponsor who can garner the support of the various divisions to bring the project to fruition."

Showing appreciation to your IT team
Since digital transformation will continue to be on your board's agenda for the next couple of years, your IT team can expect to work continuously on new projects to support the transformation. To ensure that they are motivated, CIOs/organisations should give them recognition for their work so that they feel valued and that they are making a difference to the company.

One way of doing so is to get your IT projects honoured in awards such as the CIO Awards 2017.

NLB's Lee said: "The CIO Awards have built a strong and credible reputation in the IT industry for recognising companies that have innovatively use IT to derive strategic values for their business operations. It is an opportunity to for us to review what we have done, and a reminder that we have to continually strive for the best. Winners of the awards are definitely well-earned."

"[Winning one of the categories of the CIO Awards] is a good recognition of NLB's efforts in its ongoing innovation journey to transform itself and closely engage its customers through the use of IT. It is a huge encouragement for us to continue to innovate and strive for excellence," he added.

Manila Water's Garcia said: "At the time that we decided to nominate our Enterprise Asset Management System for the CIO Awards, our view was that it would give us the opportunity to showcase a key corporate-wide project which provides benefits for both our internal organisation and our customers as well."

"Receiving the award is an affirmation of the direction that we have taken, and as such, we are approaching our future projects with a mindset that every major initiative's benefits should be two-pronged - for the customer and for the business - and in ways that will also ensure regulatory compliance. Also, the award raises the bar on the quality of the execution - timely delivery, problem-free implementation, and out-of-the-box thinking that exceeds expectations. Lastly, our hope is that the added visibility resulting from the CIO Awards will contribute to confirming our company's world-class reputation, as Manila Water continues to explore opportunities in other areas of the Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region," he added.

Avnet's Chan said: "The awards is definitely a great recognition and boost of team morale. It [also serves] as a great opportunity to elevate Avnet's brands to potential partners and future employees!"

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