aCommerce lays claim to first study ever on mobile buyer behavior in Southeast Asia

Ike Suarez

The very first study ever into mobile buying behavior in Southeast Asia is said to have now been made by aCommerce, an e-commerce services provider based in Bangkok and with offices and distribution centers in Singapore and Indonesia.

A press statement by aCommerce made the claim as it announced results of a study done on a recently-concluded flash sale campaign in Thailand that started mid-December 2013 and lasted eight weeks.

aCommerce provided the m-commerce services during the campaign , which involved the use of Line, a Japanese proprietary application for social messaging on smart phones.

Consumer Data Collection

The social messaging app has 22 million users in Thailand, enabling collection of consumer data during the flash sale campaign.

The campaign consisted of a series of eight flash sales, each sale taking place roughly one week after the other.

Flash sale participants used the moble platform to announce a new product offering or to offer discounts on products sold.

Among the participants was the upscale cosmetics retailer, Kiehl’s;among the participating brands was the widely sold makeup, Maybelline.

Buyers had the option to pay cash on delivery(COD), the press statement noting that aCommerce has incorporated COD payment solutions into its e-commerce services  platforms.

The press statement said the study yielded important consumer data with regard to online shopping demographics,top phone brands used while shopping, mobile versus desktop behavior and hot product categories.

Some key findings of the study were the following:

·         Young professionals, aged 25 to 34, made up 37% of Line users who subscribed to the Line Flash Sales channel

·         Brands participating in the flash sales campaign enjoyed access to  Thailand’s 5.5 million subscribers  to the Line sales channel

·         Most views on smart phones came from Samsung models at 46% of views

·         Most  mobile purchases came from Apple devices at 70% of purchases

·         Transactions through personal computers made up 42% of transactions made

·         20,000 shoppers at any given time were shopping and/or browsing during the flash sale campaign period

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