Autumn Radtke’s life at a glance

Zafar Anjum


File photo: Autumn Radtke was CEO at First Meta

At the time of her death, 28-year old American Autumn Radtke was CEO at First Meta, based in Singapore.

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Previously, she was Director of Business Development at Xfire and Co-founder, Business Development at Geodelic Systems, Inc.

According to Radtke's LinkedIn profile, she began her career in enterprise cloud computing. In 2007, she worked closely with Apple to bring Aqua Connect, an OS X server based solution to organizations like Johns Hopkins, LANL National Security Lab and the Aerospace Corporation. She later passed on an opportunity to work at Apple to stay in the fast paced world of technology start ups.

In 2008, she joined the founding team of Geodelic, one of the first companies to provide mobile location based services across IOS and Android. Geodelic went on to raise over $10 million from top tier venture capital funds. She was responsible for global business development, and forged strategic partnerships with T-mobile, Korea Telecom, Dell, Clear Channel and Verizon Wireless. Geodelic's partnership with Verizon Wireless also led to a strategic investment by Verizon Ventures.

Radtke became interested in gaming while working in the mobile space, noting games on mobile devices were out performing every other type of content. In Early 2011 after being spun out of Viacom she assisted the newly independent Xfire in raising capital from prominent angels and Intel Ventures.

In January 2012, at the age of 26, Radtke was recruited by prominent Singapore based investor Douglas Abrams to lead First Meta Exchange, an early pioneer in digital banking and virtual currency. Shortly after she joined First Meta the company raised additional funding and continues to innovate in the digital currency and payments sector across south East Asia.