Checking account balances most popular mobile banking functionality: FICO

Ike Suarez

The ability to check account balances  is the functionality most requested  by smart phone users, according to FICO, which recently conducted an international of consumer preferences with regard to mobile, online, and in-person interactions with banks.

A press statement by the San Jose-based vendor of analytics software for financial services providers mostly said its survey involved a total sample size of over 2000 adult smart phone users encompassing  the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia ,Turkey and the United States.

For 75 % of respondents, the ability to check account balances was the functionality they most requested of their respective mobile banking services providers.


At the same time, 59% of respondents said they wanted to receive notifications of potential fraudulent activity.

Least popular was receipt of new products and services with only 39% of respondents saying they liked this mobile banking functionality.

Two other functionalities and percentages of respondents who said they liked them were the following:

  • The ability to make payments via smart phones, 53%
  • The ability to transfer money via smart phones, 50%

Across all categories, young people expressed the most interest in banking services via smart phones, according to the statement.

The statement gave no percentages and did not define what it meant by the term, young people.