Lloyds Bank pushes offer notifications to mobile app users

Antony Savvas

Mobile shopping retail
Via Techworld

Lloyds Bank has launched new push offer notifications for mobile banking customers. The notifications will be sent as part of the existing Everyday Offers scheme, allowing registered customers to earn cashback on their spending.

Everyday Offers provides cashback discounts covering everything from grocery shopping to clothes, homeware and restaurants at a range of leading retailers. Customers are said to have already been rewarded with almost £4.5 million through Everyday Offers and the It's On Us transaction refund competition.

Now, those with the Lloyds mobile banking app can register and enable push notifications to let them know when they have new offers, helping to ensure they don't miss out on opportunities to earn cashback. Customers will also receive push notifications when an Everyday Offers payment has been paid into their account, while It's On Us winners will receive notifications about their winning transactions.

In addition, customers can pair their smart watch with their phone to get the push notifications "straight to their wrist", said Lloyds.

The launch of notifications for Everyday Offers represents the first step towards a "broader" push notification service, said Lloyds, that will "help customers stay in control of their finances" using their mobile phone, said the bank.

Adrian Bryant, director of digital at Lloyds Bank, said: "We are constantly thinking of new ways to help customers interact with us more efficiently. The new push notifications will make it more convenient for customers to get the latest updates on their Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers rewards."

Lloyds claims over 2.5 million active mobile customers, with 1.5 million of those doing business through its mobile app.