Mobility in Malaysia: Redefining business strategies for maximum productivity

Rosalind See

Andresen added, "Applications models are task-based but linked to a few different functions. It is important that these work seamlessly together and are secure. The applications eco-system has also to be aligned with the business."
At the panel discussion on the business benefits of a mobile workforce, Lion Corporation general manager, MIS, Vincent Lim reiterated the business angle. "You have to understand the business case for mobility before making any changes," he said.
KPJ Healthcare CIO Dr. Mubbashir Iftikhar concurred. "You need to understand the business needs and processes, then set the governance as well as train the workforce. This takes time. Do not rush into it. We are still at the beginning of the mobility era."

Images of keynote speakers can be found by searching for #cwmobility or at @ComputerworldMy

A special feature with photos will be in Computerworld Malaysia print edition (2015 Issue 3). 

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