Only a small percentage of CIOs in Asia are mobile ready: Scott Bales

Zafar Anjum

Scott Bales

Singapore-based Scott Bales (picture), known in banking circles as "a global leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility" is publishing a book on mobility, titled, Mobile Ready. The book is right now at a pre-order stage at an innovative publishing forum,, where it has already raised S$18,000 in pre-orders (at the time of writing). This shows how popular Bales is as a thought leader in his space. If you have any doubts over his popularity, look at this: he has over 15,000 Facebook followers!

A former Senior Vice President of Fundamo, a Visa company, Bales is an expert on the state of the financial services industry. In addition to his roles as Business Development Manager for ANZ and the Head of Technology for ANZ subsidiary, WING, Scott had also been Director of Strategy and Partnerships for the African Centre for Mobile Financial Inclusion. He is a founding member of Moven, the mobile-centric payments business that helps customers to spend, save and live smarter. A founder at Next Bank, a mentor to Entrepreneurs throughout world with Lean Startup Machine, he sits on the Board of educational empowering NGO, Care Pakistan and holds advisory positions at Invitre, Our Better World, HUB Singapore and CDI Apps 4 Good.

Bales is a visionary and banking innovator and a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker, unafraid to challenge the existing financial services industry and banking startups alike. We recently had a chat about his forthcoming book and his thoughts on mobility in Asia Pacific.

You are a techie, a consultant and an entrepreneur. What made you write this book, Mobile Ready? Who is it intended for?

Mobile Ready


Throughout my career, I've had the amazing opportunity to engage business leaders of all industries, each facing their own unique challenges as the world around them 'digitises'. However, one challenge stood out more than any other, mobile. Mobile meant a huge change in consumer and market behaviour, that points towards disruption of traditional business models. Most of the time the leaders of these organisations humbly concede they don't really know what they're doing. They don't know if it's succeeding? And they certainly don't have any ideas on how to continue its growth.

I wrote this book for business leaders who want to enter the world of mobility, a tough new space for brand, channel, and engagement. My aim with it is to prepare these leaders, with the right mind-set and practical know-how so they can stop believing the lies and avoiding the many mistakes others made before you.

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