Vserv.mobi launches new ad format to boost the e-commerce industry

Nurdianah Md Nur

Mobile advertising exchange Vserv.mobi has launched Search Intent Ads, a new advertising format that offers a search function in mobile ads, to help marketers in Asia attain relevant consumers and facilitate their buying decisions.

According to the company, 75 percent of mobile searches usually lead to follow-up actions such as purchases and word-of-mouth sharing. Leveraging this trend, the Search Intent Ads format enables consumers to search for products on a mobile ad. It uses deep linking to direct consumers to the right section within the advertiser's mobile site or app that contains relevant information to the consumers' search.

Vserv.mobi search

"Nearly 30 percent of the traffic on e-commerce sites comes from mobile, and we expect this ratio to increase to 70 percent by next year," said Dippak Khurana, CEO and co-founder of Vserv.mobi. "As e-commerce companies are constantly seeking effective ways to reach mobile users... the launch of Search Intent Ads [will] help marketers engage highly relevant consumers."

Search Intent Ads can be used across all industries including banking, insurance and automotive. Segmented sections of the ads can provide quick access to popular product categories and can be customised to take advantage of current trends and special seasons.